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Disclosure Prep

We will prepare the disclosures for you.

Here's what we do:

Open Escrow

Send the escrow officer a copy of the listing agreement and any supporting documentation needed to open pre-escrow.

Make Introduction

Send an introductory What Happens Next email to your seller. 

★ Process Disclosures

Make sure all disclosure forms are completed and executed according to state, county, city and broker-specific requirements.

Order Reports

Obtain the Natural Hazard Disclosure Report, Preliminary Title Report, Home Warranty, and any other report as specified in the listing agreement. 

Obtain Signatures

Ensure that all documents are signed and executed by the seller.

Provide Link

Send you a link to the disclosure packet so you can include it in your MLS listing.

Dos & Don'ts

Our activities never cross the line into what could be considered fiduciary duty (licensed agent responsibility).

Disclosure Prep
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