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From contract to close, count on me to handle the full disclosure process.


I will open escrow

Send the escrow officer a copy of the listing agreement and/or the purchase contract and any supporting documentation needed to open escrow.

Make an introduction

Send an introductory What Happens Next email to your client(s). 

Create a timeline

Create a timeline based on contractual dates and terms.

Issue reminders

Communicate and follow up with you on all contingency deadline reminders.

★ Process disclosures

Assemble all disclosure paperwork in compliance with city, county, and state guidelines and send them to the seller for completion and signature via Glide.

Obtain reports

Order the Natural Hazard Disclosure Report, the Preliminary Title Report, the Home Warranty, and any additional reports required by the contract.

Provide a link

Once the seller has completed and signed the disclosures, I will send you a Glide link to the disclosure packet, which you can post to your MLS listing and distribute to agents and potential buyers.

Collaborate with others

I cooperate with escrow officers, agents, lenders, and transaction coordinators throughout the escrow process.

Obtain all signatures

Ensure that all disclosure paperwork, as well as listing and/or purchase contracts, are signed and completed by all parties.

Send a closing email

Send a Getting Close To C.O.E. email to your client(s) letting them know what to expect as they approach the closing day.

Categorize and label docs

Properly label and file all paperwork for easy future referencing.

Upload your file

Upload the entire file to your broker's file storage system.

Copy your client

Provide your clients(s) with a complete digital copy of the file for their record.

I will not

Cross the line into activities that can be seen as fiduciary duty and/or licensed agent responsibilities, such as contract negotiations, requests for repairs, arranging of in-person meetings, scheduling inspections, staging, marketing, MLS input, etcetera.

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