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  • Rose Boas

Buyer's Inspection Waiver

The purpose of the BIW is for a broker to document that a buyer has received advice to conduct a home, roof and termite inspection (or any inspection deemed appropriate for the type of property being purchased). Especially when a buyer was provided any type if inspection report by a seller.

Inspection reports often suggest that a buyer do further investigation of certain areas that an inspector does not have expertise in or is unable to access. If the buyer decides to waive a broker's recommendation(s) to conduct their own inspection(s), she/he should acknowledge this in writing (inspections reports provided by a seller should be listed in the BIW).

A broker's advice should always be for buyers to conduct their own inspections.

"Because certain inspections are so vital to a buyer’s ability to determine the condition of the property and the potential costs that may be incurred upon ownership, some brokers do not want any misunderstanding about the recommendation to obtain those inspections." - C.A.R.

View C.A.R.'s Form Tutor for: [BIW] Buyer's Inspection Waiver


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